I need more time to pay - can you keep me covered?

If your Hugo account is empty and you can’t reload it right now but need to stay insured - don’t panic. 

We offer all Hugo members a temporary coverage extension, because we know life is unpredictable.

Here’s how it works:

  1. On your last day of paid coverage, we'll send you an email and text alert that your Hugo account is empty. 
  2. To keep your insurance active, login to your account and click “Extend my coverage” on your dashboard. 
  3. We’ll tell you how many extra days you’re eligible for. 
  4. Confirm and claim your extension. Your insurance will now stay on through the end of your extension period, and you’ll owe your flat daily rate for each day used (no extra fees or interest). 
  5. To keep your coverage active, repay any balance owed before the end of your extension period and top up your Hugo account. If you don’t repay and add money before the end of your extension period, your insurance will turn OFF. 


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