What happens if I schedule my insurance to turn OFF when my account is empty?

At Hugo, we try to give you maximum flexibility over when and how you pay for insurance. That's why we offer the option to turn on Auto Reload (which automatically reloads your account when it's empty) or add money yourself (whenever it's convenient for you).

If you disable auto reload, we'll tell you the date and time that your account will hit empty and your coverage will turn OFF. We call this your "scheduled OFF time".

To keep your coverage active, simply add money to your account before this scheduled OFF time.

If you can't add money before your coverage turns OFF, don't worry! We don't charge you any fees as long as you reinstate coverage within 3 days, and once you can deposit money into your account, you'll be able to restart your insurance instantly.

If your coverage is off for more than 3 days, you may incur a fee depending on your state law. However with Hugo, you always pay fees gradually over time.

Please note, if your insurance turns OFF, you will not be covered. We recommend that you do not drive if your coverage is off, and instead consider taking the bus or carpooling with a friend until you're able to reload your account and restart your insurance.

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