Why did my daily rate increase?

Depending on the type of Hugo plan you have, turning coverage OFF may cause fees to be applied or your policy to be re-rated. Read below to learn how turning OFF will impact your rate.

Hugo Flex plan offers the ability to turn ON and OFF without rate changes, however Hugo Basic and Full Plans are designed to remain ON. You can turn OFF at any time to stop payments, but your policy will cancel and your registration might be at risk. Fees will also be applied after several days.

If you must turn OFF your Hugo Basic plan, your policy will cancel but your rate will remain safe for 3 days.

You can turn ON at any time during this 3-day window and your daily rate will remain the same.

If your insurance remains OFF for more than 3 days, your carrier is legally required to add a reinstatement and /or a cancellation fee. You will see fees added to your daily rate, but we’ll prorate the amount so you can pay it down a little bit at a time. Most drivers see an increase of around $0.10.

If your policy remains OFF for 10 days or more (5 days in Pennsylvania), your carrier is legally required to re-rate your policy. This can also change your rate, as they’ll check for:

  • Change in vehicle age
  • Change in age of primary driver or included drivers
  • An accident or violation
  • Change in the age of existing accidents or violations

Fees and re-rate timeline varies slightly by State. Visit your Hugo account to learn what applies to you.

We'll always share your new rate with you and ask for your approval before we make any changes. If you need to add any money to your Hugo account because of a rate change, we'll let you know that, too.

At times, we may also ask you to verify policy details before calculating a rate change.

If you have any questions about your rate, you can contact our support team from the Help Center in your Hugo member account.