Why can my daily rate change when I turn on my insurance?

The following insurance regulations currently apply only to Hugo drivers in FL, OH, GA, IN, AL, TN, SC, PA, AZ, and MS.

At Hugo, we're always working to make car insurance more flexible and affordable in every state. In some our states, we're required to reevaluate your rate almost every time you turn ON your insurance.

This means your daily rate might change slightly (increase or decrease) as you drive with us and turn your coverage on and off. The most common reasons for a rate change include:

  • Change in vehicle age
  • Change in age of primary driver or included drivers
  • An accident or violation
  • Change in the age of existing accidents or violations

We'll always share your new rate with you and ask for your approval before we make any changes. If you need to add any money to your Hugo account because of a rate change, we'll let you know that, too.

At times, we may also ask you to verify policy details before calculating a rate change.

If you have any questions about your rate, you can email support@withhugo.com or contact our support team from the Help Center in your Hugo member account.

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