Why does Hugo recommend I turn ON my insurance once a week?

We here at Hugo aim to make insurance as easy - and simple - as possible. This includes protecting your registration at the DMV.

When your insurance is OFF for 7 days or more, our insurance partner is required by law to notify the DMV of a lapse in insurance. When this happens, the DMV will mail you an Intent to Suspend notice to let you know that they no longer have record of your insurance. This notice will provide a date in the future (typically 30 days) that your registration will be suspended.

The good news is the fix is easy! To avoid any lapse – and any notices from the DMV – we recommend you turn ON your insurance at least 1x/week. 

To make this as easy as possible, we've built Registration Protection. Turn on Registration Protection from your Hugo member account and we'll send you a text message reminder after your insurance has been OFF for 5 days. This gives you plenty of time to login to your Hugo account and turn ON.

This will keep your insurance on the record and up to date!


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