How do I get my insurance card?

At Hugo, we don’t send paper insurance cards to our drivers. Instead, you can easily access proof of insurance in two ways.

Get Digital Proof:

Login to your Member Account. From the dashboard, click the Proof of Insurance tile. This is your digital card. We don’t recommend printing this and it updates regularly to reflect your current, active coverage session.

You can also click on My Insurance in the navigation menu, and then Proof of Insurance. You can only get proof of insurance when your coverage is turned ON.


Download a Temporary Card:

Login to your Member Account. From there, click the Proof of Insurance tile and then scroll down to click on “Proof of Insurance for Registration”.

Your temporary card will be available for download up to 7 days following your initial purchase of Hugo, as well as following policy renewal or rewrite. If you make a change to drivers or vehicles listed on your policy, we’ll make an updated card available for another 7 days.


Text PROOF to Hugo. We'll respond by sending you an active, up-to-date, digital proof of insurance card directly to your phone.



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