What is this notification that my balance is running low?

Notifications at Hugo follow insurance regulations unique to your state. This means that we're required, by law, to send you various alerts about the state of your insurance balance.

If you're paying with Auto Reload: We'll send you text and email reminders one day before your account is scheduled to reload. When your account reloads, we'll send you success notifications as well as a receipt.

If your Auto Reload payment fails for any reason, we'll send you a notification immediately and unsubscribe you from AutoReload. You'll have 24 hours from the time your payment fails to add money to your account, or turn OFF your insurance.

If you don't add money or turn OFF your insurance, you'll enter warning period. How does warning period work?

If you're paying your own way: If you don't use Auto Reload and choose to make payments manually, then you'll schedule your insurance to turn OFF when your account is empty.

We'll send you text and email notifications when your account balance is running low to remind you (1) the exact date and time your account will hit empty and (2) when you have scheduled your insurance to turn OFF.

To keep your insurance active, simply add money to your account before it hits empty.

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