My insurance payment failed but I'm still seeing a charge on my card?

If you tried to make a payment in your member account and it didn't go through, you might still see a temporary "pending" charge on your bank statement. 

This is because our payment processor - in attempting to complete the transaction - places a "hold" on the funds. If this happens with a failed or blocked charge, please know that no funds have been actually moved out of your account .

If you’re still seeing a charge in your account, it should show as “pending” and drop off your account within 24 hours.

To fix this and try again, here's what we recommend:

  • Contact your card issuer to make sure the zip code linked to the card matches what you entered. If you’re using a prepaid card, this zip code can be different than the zip code where you live.
  • Try removing the card from your member account and add it again. You can do this by tapping on the Payment tab in the bottom bar, then Payment Settings.
  • If the above don’t work, try adding a different card - if possible.

You can update your payment method at any time by tapping on the Payment tab, then Payment Settings in your member account.



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