My carrier is changing from SafeAuto to First Acceptance?

Hugo is switching our insurance partner from SafeAuto to First Acceptance, starting on 05/03/2023. As of 05/03/2023, new Hugo policies in Ohio and Indiana will be backed by First Acceptance, and Hugo will stop providing services for new SafeAuto policies. This will impact your policy. Here’s what you need to know:

If you have received a renewal notice for your SafeAuto policy:

If you've already received a renewal notice and your insurance is currently ON, then you will renew into your existing SafeAuto-backed policy. You will not experience any changes to coverages as long as you keep your coverage ON through your current renewal date.

If you have not yet received a renewal notice for your current policy:

Your SafeAuto policy will end on your policy expiration date. Before then, you’ll receive an email renewal offer from National General (the parent company of SafeAuto). To renew with National General, just follow the instructions in their email. If you continue with National General, you won’t be able to use Hugo to control your insurance or make payments.

If you wish to continue using Hugo, simply login and click "Restart Coverage Now" in your account any time after your policy expiration date. You'll be asked to review your new policy details, and sign updated policy forms. Any money in your account will be applied to your new policy purchase.

If your insurance is currently OFF, or you turn OFF:

If your insurance is OFF or you turn OFF before your renewal date, the next time you restart coverage you will be asked to review your details and sign updated policy documents. You can then continue with Hugo under your new policy with First Acceptance. Click here to login to your Hugo account.

Will my coverage change?

Hugo members who renew into their existing Safe Auto policies will not experience any changes to coverages.

For all other members, new policies issued after 05/03/2023 will offer slightly different coverage options. You can review and select your desired coverages before signing updated policy documents and committing to your new policy.

Can I keep my comprehensive / collision “full coverage”?

Unfortunately, comprehensive and collision will not be offered on policies issued after 05/03/2023. If you require comprehensive and collision (“full”) coverage, we recommend that you accept your renewal offer from National General.

Will my experience using Hugo change?

Your Hugo account and experience using Hugo will not be impacted. You can continue to manage your insurance, add money, and get instant proof of insurance all through your account.

Unfortunately, if you choose to continue with National General, you will no longer be able to use your Hugo account to control your policy.

We’re here to help.

Login to your account to contact support with any questions regarding this upcoming change.

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